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" My Story ", Why I Became a Chiropractor  

Gregory Salmond

I was introduced to chiropractic by my best friend, Jeff, when I was about twelve years old. I mentioned to him that I had a headache. He responded, "Come on, my dad can help that!" His father was a chiropractor. After a simple adjustment of my neck, he was right, the headache was immediately gone. Thus began 38 years of natural chiropractic health care. 

The experience that really convinced my parents that chiropractic care had much more to offer than just pain relief had to do with me coming down with the flu. As a kid, I used to get the flu for two weeks in February...every clock work. In fact, as a kid, I used to get sick a lot. I got bronchitis, pneumonia, the flu, as well as usual colds, way more frequently than I should have. But I came down with that particular illness when my parents were going on vacation. I was to stay with Jeff's family while they were gone. However, I was so sick that they considered canceling their trip. 

My friend's mom [the chiropractor's wife] assured them they would take good care of me. Dr. Merritt adjusted me once a day for five days.... no aspirin.... no Tylenol.... no cough medicine.... no drugs! My parents returned expecting me to be worse. To their complete surprise and delight I was completely fine in half the time it had always taken me to get over the flu! From that point on, my parents were convinced of the health benefits regular chiropractic care has to offer and made sure I was adjusted on a regular maintenance schedule, particularly when I got sick. 

These health benefits would have been enough, but there was more. I had stomach and digestive problems that improved dramatically from regular chiropractic care. I had a functional heart problem that made me feel anxious. It seemed my heart was constantly working harder than it should. I remember the very adjustment that solved the problem. Like that... it was gone! 

So maybe you can start to appreciate why so many feel the way we do about the health benefits of chiropractic, over and above the relief from aches and pains. Does that mean that chiropractic is a cure-all and no other approach need be considered? Obviously not. But chiropractic is gentle, natural, non-invasive and non-toxic. It may not be the only health care approach you use, but shouldn't it be the first? 

--- Gregory R. Salmond ---

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