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Chiropractic Facts

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Chiropractic Facts

Did you know? 

  • Sedentary people tend to have more sluggish immune systems.

  • Excess sugar consumption slows down the ability of white blood cells to engulf and destroy bacteria.

  • Recent research indicated 92% of youthful patient with chronic tonsillitis had blockage or misalignment of the first cervical vertebra. According to Dr. Lewit, "after remover of the blockage (by adjustment of the vertebrae) recurrence is absent." 

  • Children with chronic earaches who took amoxicillin experienced 2 to 6 times more recurrent ear infections. - Journal of the American Medical Association 

  • Did you know that 75% of the San Francisco 49ers received chiropractic care the day played in and won the 1990 Super Bowl?

  • Did you know that a mouse, a giraffe, a human and a whale each have seven cervical (neck) vertebrae? All mammals do!





Can't shake that cold or flu? 

Stress, lifestyle habits and structural imbalances may be spoiling your body's ability to fight infection or illness. Give yourself an all-natural immunity boost by learning the warning signs of disease and ways to build your resistance. 

You have two types of immunity – innate and acquired.
Innate immunity comprises white blood cells, stomach acid, skin resistance (such as the natural oil that covers the skin to keep invaders out) and various chemicals in the bloodstream. This immunity is automatic and normally takes care of small invaders.
Acquired immunity offers more serious protection. It's like an army of Pac-Man "T cells" ("T" from the thymus gland) and "B cells" (from bone marrow) that consume whatever they are programmed to destroy. 

Nerve impulses communicate to the immune system the need for an immune response. When an invader enters your body, the first response is a nervous system signal. However, if spinal vertebrae are misaligned and pinching on a nerve, messages to the immune system may be impaired, and the immune system will not respond correctly. 

By the time discomfort occurs, the immune system has already been breached. However, the diseased condition initially may have manifested as sleeping problems, food cravings, irritability, fatigue or joint pains – which many people dismiss as "normal." 

Maintaining a strong immune system is essential for your long-term well-being. With a better understanding of that precious system and what interferes with it, you can make the lifestyle choices and decisions to enhance it – and the rest of your life. Talk to your chiropractor for more information. 


Phases of Chiropractic Spinal Care 

The acute phase In this phase the patient is in a state of discomfort or pain; many people first visit a doctor of chiropractic when they're suffering in some way. 

Reconstructive or spinal healing phase Continued corrective care helps the body strengthen and heal. Individuals in this phase may find that nearly every time they come in for a spinal check-up their spine is out of alignment. 

Health maintenance phase The spine is holding its adjustments and you come in every so often for a spinal check-up and possible adjustment to make sure that it continues to do so. By having you and your family members' spines checked on a periodic basis, many of the problems caused by an unhealthy spinal column can e corrected and prevented. 

Warning Signals of Spinal Subluxation Degeneration 

Difference in the wear of heels on hard soled shoes. This could be a strong indication of a spinal/hip imbalance due to spinal subluxation. 

Difference in leg length. One leg being longer than the other is an important clue to a larger problem. 

Imbalance in hips, shoulder, or head. Hips or shoulders that are not level, or a head that tilts to one side are abnormal conditions. 

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Chiropractic Facts
Chiropractic Facts
Chiropractic Facts
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