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Children in School Bus

Kids & Chiropractic

As the twig is bent - so grows the tree. 
Due to the many falls and injuries sustained by children in their daily activities, their backbones may begin to curve or twist (scoliosis), compressing or squeezing spinal nerves resulting in possible symptoms of recurring headaches, tiredness, frequent illness, allergies, earaches, bed wetting, slow physical development and the many and varied types of childhood aches and pains. 

Left unattended, the bent twig will grow into a crooked tree. Every child needs a chiropractic check-up. The sooner, the better. 

Portrait of Boy

Here is a simple posture check for your children 

Back problems do not come from sleeping "wrong" or lifting a light object. Back problems start when you are young. The best time to think about you child's spine is before they are in pain. 
To help protect your children from a future of back pain, start monitoring their backs early and often! 
Curvatures begin, in most instances, from minor trauma that disturbs the body's mechanics. This, over time, changes how the spine works and grows. 
When the bones of the back (the spine) start to curve, it can cause pinching of the nerves which can cause pain or problems throughout the body. 
This curvature of the spine is called Scoliosis and it many appear as early as a child learns to walk or most commonly in adolescence. With early detection, Scoliosis can be treated and corrected before abnormal bone growth occurs. 

To check your children, have them disrobe and stand with arms at their sides, looking away from you. 
If you notice an abnormality in any of the checklist items, you may wish to consider a more thorough examination from your local Chiropractor. 


 Stressed By School 

The presence of the stress hormone -- cortisol -- in kindergartners shows starting school may be stressful long before school begins, a study says. 

To the researchers' surprise, the data gathered on 105 children showed that far from providing a baseline, cortisol levels were already high three to six months before school started. Lead researcher Julie Turner-Cobb of the University of Bath wonders if parental stress about their children starting school is being passed on to the children. The study, published in the Economic and Social Research Council's Society Today, also found children with a more shy, fearful personality appeared less stressed than their more extrovert peers and children with higher levels of cortisol throughout the day when starting school actually had have fewer sick days. 

Stress levels lowered significantly after six months, suggesting most children adapt well to school. A few children still had high cortisol levels throughout the day at follow-up, indicating that they were experiencing a more long-term stress response that Turner-Cobb suggests could lead to poorer health. Turner-Cobb observed these children were more extroverted but had also become increasingly socially isolated during the study -- perhaps because their peers had lost patience with their exuberance. 

Children's Race

True or False?

Many times children are the ones who receive the greatest degree of benefit from chiropractic care. 

TRUE! Because many spine-related problems are inherited, young children show signs of spinal nerve pressure years before it may produce pain. 
As with all maladies, nerve pressure has an incubation period, sometimes as long as several years, before a person feels it. Children tend to achieve a higher level of correction because the spinal misalignment has not had years and years to "settle in" so to speak. Correction at this point in their lives can help them achieve a happier, healthier, sense of well being. 

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